Mugabe avoids crisis at home to lash out at the West

source: SW radio Africa

By Lance Guma
27 September 2007

Robert Mugabe avoided tackling issues to do with his own country and instead launched a long tirade against western countries when he addressed the United Nations summit in New York on Wednesday. He sought to deflect attention from his poor human rights record by accusing US president George Bush of hypocrisy for lecturing him on human rights. Bush had described Mugabe’s regime as ‘tyrannical’ and accused it of launching an, ‘assault on its people.’ He put the country in the same bracket as Belarus, Syria, Iran and North Korea, branding them ‘brutal regimes.’

Mugabe who looked visibly irate, hit back saying the US president had the blood of many nationalities dripping from his hands and cited US military intervention in [continue reading]


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