Botswana Diamond Valuing Company retrenches to restructure

source: BOPA
26 September, 2007

GABORONE – A number of Botswana Diamond Valuing Company (BDVC) employees face retrenchment following the restructuring of the company.

BDVC would cease to run when the new entity, Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB), a joint venture between mining conglomerate De Beers and Botswana government, starts operating next year.

There are fears that not all employees would be absorbed by the new venture as some employees have been served with letters informing them of possible retrenchments.

The letters state that the companys new business model requires enhanced and new skill sets and a new way of working and behaviour.

They go on to warn that this might subsequently affect employees who do not have the required competencies or match the new and revised job profiles.

In the letters, the company also states that it plans to outsource some of its current functions and as a result of [continue reading]


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