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Mogae tallies gains

source: BOPA
24 September, 2007

WASHINGTON DC – President Festus Mogae has told the Washington Post in an interview Wednesday that the increase in the number of media houses in Botswana is one of the changes that happened during his tenure as president.

The transformation of the capital city out of recognition, the increase in the use of modern telecommunications such as mobile phones and Botswanas improved performance in sports are some of the changes he witnessed during his term in office.

President Mogae was giving an interview to the Washington Post journalists, among them Keith Richburg, the foreign editor, on a variety of issues.

He said when he became president, there was one official radio station but now they are three, including two private ones. Newspapers have increased from three to nine and there is a national television as well as two satellite televisions.

Mr Mogae observed that phone-in radio and television programmes had became popular in Botswana, adding people are using them to assess my performance and which opposition party is likely to fair better.

He noted that cellular phones were an addiction, even among school children.We are doing well in sports, he said. We used to be the weeping boys of the region.

Concerning HIV/AIDS, President Mogae said the situation had improved greatly and [continue reading]

source: BOPA
24 September, 2007

GABORONE – Members of Ntlo ya Dikgosi have congratulated government for buying 14 Tati farms to increase tribal land in the North East District.

Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Balete said it was necessary for the government to purchase the farms for the people of North East as they have a small tribal land.

Contributing to the debate on the Tribal Land Amendment Bill of 2007, Kgosi Mosadi said Batswana should be empowered with land to help them improve their lives.

Kgosi Puso Gaborone of Batlokwa urged the government to continue to search for land to buy for his people. Even us who have shortage in Tlokweng will consider going and applying for a piece in North East, he said.

The bill was presented by the Minister of Lands and Housing, Brig. Dikgakgamatso Seretse this week.

A representative of the North East District, Kgosi Freedah Mosojane, however, complained about the vandalism that was taking place at the farms.

She asked who is supposed to take care of the purchased land, adding that some people are cutting down trees and fences of the farms.

Brig. Seretse said he was aware of the problem of [continue reading]

source: BOPA
24 September, 2007

MOCHUDI – Councillors, individuals and other local stakeholders should be creative and develop strategies that would promote economic growth with a view to ensuring prosperity for all as espoused in Vision 2016.

Rev. Mpho Moruakgomo, the chairperson of the Kgatleng District Council, said in his address to the full council meeting that local authorities must think of building local economies for the benefit of their constituents. We therefore need to devise practical innovative ways to enhance Local Economic Development (LED) to promote growth, he said.

Rev. Moruakgomo urged councillors to take a lead in consultations for District Development Plan (DDP) 7 given that it would run until 2015.

He said Vision 2016 envisages that by that year Botswana would have eradicated absolute poverty and no person should live below the poverty datum line.

He indicated that local authorities have a serious challenge in this regard since success should be measured by the reduction of poverty levels in the districts, increase in employment opportunities and reduction in the number of destitute persons.

However, Rev. Moruakgomo said this was not the case as the numbers in these areas were increasing, adding that in [continue reading]

source: allAfrica
Leadership (Abuja)

22 September 2007
Posted to the web 24 September 2007

Chuks Ohuegbe

The Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Gordon Brown, has threatened to boycott the forthcoming EU-Africa Summit, if President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe contravenes the EU visa ban imposed on him and attends.

Mr. Brown’s position published in London said that President Mugabe’s attendance would not only undermine the summit, but also divert attention from the important issues that needed to be resolved.

“It is also right that I make my position on the forthcoming EU-Africa Summit. I want this summit – under the leadership of Prime Minister Socrates – to be a real success. It is a serious opportunity to forge a stronger partnership between EU and Africa, in order to fight poverty, tackle climate change, and agree on new initiatives on education, health and peace-keeping.

“President Mugabe is the only African leader to face an [continue reading]

Siyabonga Mkhwanazi
September 24 2007 at 08:23AM

Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has taken to task those who label African traditional medicine as witchcraft, yet don’t view other traditional medicines in other countries in the same light.

Speaking after the adoption of the Traditional Health Practitioners Bill in the National Council of Provinces, the minister said the Bill was giving Africans their dignity.

The thumbs-up to the Bill by MPs would lead to the formal and legal recognition by the government of about 200 000 traditional healers in [continue reading]

source: BOPA
24 September, 2007

WASHINGTON DC – President Festus Mogae says the concessions CITIES has given to Botswana and other countries are too late and inadequate.

Speaking to members of the International Conservation Caucus Foundation and later the National Geographic Society in Washington DC Friday, President Mogae lamented that the blanket ban on trade in elephant products the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has worsened the plight of elephants in countries that have excessive numbers of the animals.

As a direct outcome of our effective, though expensive conservation measures, the number of our elephants in Botswana has grown to over 150 000, a number which is far in excess of the carrying capacity of our semi-arid country, he said.

He argued that the numbers of elephants in Southern Africa needed to be controlled significantly to arrest the current environmental degradation which in turn threatens the existence of elephant population.

President Mogae appealed to the US government and other concerned parties to influence a more positive approach to conservation of elephants.

He stated that Botswana took special pride in its relative success in [continue reading]

Business aeeds focus

source: BOPA
24 September, 2007

MOCHUDI – Business needs an entrepreneur who has focus and never sulky in order to prosper to compete in the global market, says Rev. Mpho Moruakgomo, the chairperson of the Kgatleng District Council.

Rev. Moruakgomo at the official closing of a three day business management training workshop in Mochudi that to succeed, an entrepreneur must bring back business into life and ensure it was sustainable.

He said Batswana must start businesses that would expand the economy, create wealth for themselves and jobs for other citizens.

He said before the discovery of diamonds, Botswana used to be self-sufficient as every citizen was engaged in agriculture.

He said sometime a blessing could become a curse as after discovery of diamonds, the spirit of self-reliance diminished.

We appeal to government for everything, it is even blamed when our businesses fail, he said.

Rev. Moruakgomo said after the discovery of diamonds people abandoned their fields and cattle posts to look up to government as if to say: Give me.

He added that Botswana did not have locally produced goods as Batswana were used to hand-outs.

That is why we are careless with the little resources that we have in the country, he added.

Once one was focused in business those who were [continue reading]

source BOPA
24 September, 2007

MOCHUDI – Ministry of Education has completed brigades audits to determine the status of each institution and has resolved to take them over in a staged manner due to the different deeds of trust.

The three-phase envisaged take over would also consider separation of training units, liabilities and land use, the Kgatleng District Council was told.

Department of Vocational Education and Training (DVET) was responding to district councils deputy chairperson who asked the department when the first phase of the take over would start.

Cllr Stephen Makhura also enquired if the department was aware that the delay in taking over might result in brigades like Kgatleng Brigades Development Trust to run at a loss as they would be phasing out night school studies — the centres source of income.

The response stated that the first phase was scheduled to be carried out during the fiscal year 2007/08 and it was the transition stage of the project whereby selected brigades would be linked to existing technical colleges for administration and management purposes.

The department says that the phasing out of the night school was [continue reading]

source: allAfrica

24 September 2007
Posted to the web 24 September 2007

Pascal Lamy and Donald Kaberuka

While developing and industrialized countries continue to wrestle in the Doha Round of negotiations to reach a new international trade agreement, there is increasing recognition that even if there was free trade between nations, many countries simply do not have the basic infrastructure needed to take advantage of it.

Hence the organization in Dar es Salaam next week of a high-level meeting to promote “Aid for Trade” – assistance aimed improving the capacity of countries to join fully in the international trade system. Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization, and Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank, explain.

For many developing countries, trade has been a vital instrument for reducing poverty and raising levels of development. One need only look at Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and China to see how trade can help raise living standards. But many other developing countries have yet to derive the same benefits from a global trading system which could provide them with an important route to economic growth.

One important reason for this is that [continue reading]

source: Sunday Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
23.09.2007 10:32:35 A

WASHINGTON DC – Responding to public questions at the National Geographic Society yesterday, the president of Botswana, Festus Mogae, said that implementation of Peace Parks between Zimbabwe and Botswana was ‘on ice’ primarily due to concerns about uncontrolled poaching and foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in Zimbabwe.

The President said that the peace park on Botswana’s southern border with Zimbabwe (Limpopo-Shashe Transfrontier Conservation Area) was facing implementation problems related to foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in Zimbabwe that required the construction of a disease control fence along the border, while the Northern (Zambezi-Okavango Transfrontier Park) was ‘on ice’ primarily due to poaching concerns in Zimbabwe.

Many conservationists regard the peace parks concept as a visionary and [continue reading]

source: News24
23/09/2007 17:24 – (SA)

Johan Eybers

Schweizer-Reneke – There has been another twist in the saga of the “mega-diamond” found in North West.

Now, claims are that it was found in Zimbabwe and smuggled to North West.

A rumour doing the the rounds here – allegedly after a bar chat with a member of the Scorpions – is that the Jade Giant was found by diamond miners in the northern parts of Zimbabwe.

And – in true Wilbur Smith fashion – a South African heard about the diamond and bought it. He (or she) then turned down an offer of $29m (R200m) made by an American and smuggled the stone to North West.

Experts have been puzzled by the colour of the “diamond”, which is typical of those found in Zimbabwe.

Whether there is any truth in [continue reading]

Deputy lands in China for talks
source: IOL

September 24 2007 at 12:04AM

Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka arrived in Beijing, China, on Sunday to co-chair a Bi-National Commission, the presidency announced.

“The visit by Deputy President Mlambo-Ngcuka to China comes within the context of South Africa’s priority to strengthen political, trade and economic relations with China with a view to advancing the developmental agenda of the south,” said the presidency in a statement.

It said Mlambo-Ngcuka would [continue reading]