Gaborone Broadcasting Corporation TV Ready to Go National

source: allAfrica
The Voice (Francistown)

18 September 2007
Posted to the web 18 September 2007


Following a multi-million pula deal with South Africa’s private television station etv, Gaborone Broadcasting Corporation (GBC TV) is prepared to go national and give viewers quality programming and content.

51 percent shareholder of GBC TV, Mike Klinck revealed prospects of quality programming and broadcasting national, after Sabido (Pty) Ltd a company that owns etv injected millions of Pulas as part of its 49 percent acquisition of GBC TV.

Klinck said the deal, which etv signed this April to acquire 49 percent of GBC TV has given the station an opportunity to grow and become the country’s best free to air television in the country. “Not only that, the deals brings etv’s inventory of dramas and sport programmes. There will also be training opportunities for GBC staff. As a result of this investment GBC TV is well capitalized to broadcast national,” he said.

He said partnering with etv does not mean importing programs from the popular television. “Of course we will benefit from etv movies because theirs are always up-to-date,” he pointed out.

GBC TV Director explained that in [continue reading]


  1. Gofaone Rangaka

    I personally think taking in e-tv would be a great idea and the opportunity of upbringing local ideas from young batswana who are ready to be on media circle. my comment realy focus on giving young batswana to help in and upbring hidden ideas that they are able to reveal only through media point of view or media opportunity.

  2. Nancy Sebetlela

    GBC TV is a well developing station. nothing is at hurry with the station and its contents, therefore i highly support it to go nation and keep the good work up. it might not be famous as BTV but i believe in it 100%. one of the days it will give BTV a hard competition. young people are there to help it grow just give them a little chance to prove that.

  3. gofaone p. rangaka

    my wishes are now real. i have long wanted this station to be officially there joint with GBC, we now love e-Botswana.

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