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The Botswana Police Service, represented by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Thebeyame E. Tsimako, and Eurocopter Southern Africa Pty. Ltd, signed a contract in Gaborone on September 13 for the purchase of three Eurocopter AS350 B3 [details] helicopters to serve its newly-formed Police Air Support . Two of the aircraft will be delivered in December 2008, and the remaining one in August 2009.

Guy Joannes, CEO of Eurocopter Southern Africa, stated, “We are extremely proud of the confidence placed in our company and our product to get Botswana’s newly-established Police Air Support airborne. The AS350 B3 has a proven track record in police missions, especially in hot and high conditions. Eurocopter can back it up with a wealth of experience, being the world’s leading supplier of helicopters for law enforcement and homeland security operations.”

They will be equipped with FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared), Spectrolab SX 16 night sun, rescue hoist, cargo swing and external loud hailers for their specific role and are to become a key element in the Botswana Police’s crime-fighting missions. With the Botswana Police Air Support starting from scratch, Eurocopter Southern Africa will also provide the type rating training for six pilots and the training of three mechanics.

The AS350 B3, Eurocopter’s top-performing single-engined light helicopter, is a strong favourite [continue reading]


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Sholain Govender

14 September 2007

Friday, 14 September marks the start of the 1000-day countdown to the 2010 Fifa World Cup, with the opening match set for 11 June 2010 and the final scheduled to take place a month later on 11 July.

Since winning the right to host the tournament at a function in Zurich, Switzerland in May 2004, both the government and the private sector, either individually or in partnership, have been working continually on preparing to host the big event.

The government has already made some R17.4-billion available to the various provinces to upgrade stadiums and surround infrastructure in the nine chosen host cities.

To date, preparation for hosting the World Cup has gone through two phases and crucial deadlines for the planning completion for stadiums and transport infrastructure have been successfully met.

The first phase in the country’s preparation to host the World Cup was to set aside finances and put in place a regulatory environment that would fully comply with Fifa requirements and was completed in December 2006.

It also involved the selection of host cities and stadiums, which included [continue reading]

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Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)

14 September 2007
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Dumisani Muleya

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is facing a stormy congress which could sweep him from power unless he produces a brave performance to stem the surging tide of growing opposition from within.

The watershed Zanu PF congress slotted for December will be a fierce battle between Mugabe and his shrinking cabal of supporters who want to secure his endorsement at all costs to be the party’s sole candidate in next year’s election, and those pushing for him to quit now.

Sources said Mugabe and his supporters have already come up with an agenda for congress which includes the need to endorse Mugabe as the party’s candidate; ratification of the proposed Constitutional Amendment Number 18 — which will probably have been passed into law by then — and alignment of the party and state constitutions in the light of these changes.

Sources said Mugabe wants this agenda for congress. The so-called Third Way faction in Zanu PF, which includes party commissar Elliot Manyika and politburo members Nicholas Goche and Saviour Kasukuwere, will be fighting from Mugabe’s corner.

Top members like spokesman Nathan Shamuyarira, Women’s League head Oppah Muchinguri and secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa are linked to this group although cracks are emerging among them.

Fearing possible defeat at congress, Mugabe has now roped in [continue reading]

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“There are people who have an interest in not seeing us succeed in Zimbabwe”
Diplomatic Editor

The government has again denied producing a controversial document that was leaked at a southern African summit last month – and says it has its suspicions as to who produced it. The document allegedly criticised Britain for its role in the Zimbabwean crisis. Director-general in the Presidency Frank Chikane yesterday refused to say who the government thought might have leaked the report to the press. On Wednesday, a senior Zambian official was quoted as saying the report came from Harare but yesterday Chikane said the report – on SA’s mediation efforts in Zimbabwe and leaked ahead of the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC’s) summit in Lusaka – was intended to derail SA’s mediation in Zimbabwe. Media reported last month that the document came from SA and was to be presented to the summit by President Thabo Mbeki, who is mediating in the Zimbabwean crisis.

The report allegedly said SA blamed Britain for the deepening crisis by accusing Britain of leading a campaign to “strangle” Zimbabwe’s economy and saying it had a “death wish” against a negotiated settlement that might leave the ruling Zanu PF in power. “We believe that [continue reading]

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14/09/2007 09:39 – (SA)

Pretoria – An elephant cow that “played soccer” with a ranger at Bakubung Bush Lodge knew exactly what she was doing, and didn’t want to kill him.

Dr Joyce Poole, a specialist on elephant behaviour, said if the elephant had wanted to kill Eugene le Roux, 29, she would have trampled him and gored him with her tusks.

Poole said she read about Le Roux’s narrow escape on News24, and believed the elephant cow had insight into her actions.

Le Roux said the elephant cow chased him for 100m, tore open his pants with her tusk and played soccer with him. While he was lying on his back, she stepped on his right hand with her one foot while resting her other foot gently on his left shoulder.

He had scratches to his hand and the muscle in his shoulder was slightly injured.

Traumatised by culling

Poole, who has researched elephant behaviour for the past 34 years and who is working in Kenya, said the Pilanesberg elephants were all somehow traumatised by the culling that had taken place in the Kruger National Park.

Some of the elephants were orphaned after [continue reading]