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source: BOPA
12 September, 2007

JWANENG – Debswana is planning to build gas turbines that will generate electricity for the diamond mining company to offset the shortfall that is expected next year, says Mr Albert Milton.

Briefing minerals, energy and water resources minister, Mr Ponatshego Kedikilwe, who was on a familiarisation tour of the Jwaneng Mine recently, Mr Milton said the anticipated short fall in electricity supply represents a monumental challenge to his company and that contingency measures are needed.

Mr Milton, who is the deputy general manager, pleaded with the government to assist them to develop the gas turbines until sufficient and sustainable electricity could be guarantied.

Botswana imports the bulk of her electricity from South Africa and the Morupule Power Station near Palapye generates only about 30 per cent of its demand.

South Africa has notified local authorities that it will start reducing its supply of electricity to Botswana next year, as it also needs more energy for domestic consumption.

The expansion of the Morupule Power Station and the development of Mmamabula Power Station are expected to increase the [continue reading]


source: BOPA
12 September, 2007

GABANE – Batswana have been encouraged to nurture a spirit of tolerance towards different cultural groups so that the nation remains a peace-loving one.

Vision Council Coordinator, Dr Collie Monkge, said national unity should enable Botswana to exploit the advantages of globalisation.

Speaking at the launch of the Vision Month for Kweneng District in Gabane, Dr Monkge said the value of saving among Batswana was encouraged to help finance investment rather than depend on government.

Dr Monkge called for the strengthening of civic duty and self-reliance of the nation, adding that the concept of botho should to be promoted.

He said the challenge was not only for the nation to know about vision pillars but also to translate them into concrete projects and programmes that could help the nation realise Vision 2016.

He commended authorities in the Kweneng District for having seen it fit to mobilise communities to gather and reflect on progress, challenges and lessons learnt in the implementation of Vision 2016.

He said the number of [continue reading]

source: BOPA
12 September, 2007

GABORONE – Political leaders have been advised to consult their electorates regularly to ensure that they contribute meaningfully to national debates.

Officially opening Botswana Association of Local Authorities (BALA) national conference in Gaborone President Festus Mogae said there were some incidences whereby immediately after elections, political leaders forgot electorates.

Mr Mogae said forgetting electorates was not an effective and efficient representation, adding that as political representatives, they should be in constant touch with their electorates.

We cannot all be peoples representatives, he said. That is why it is of paramount importance that the representatives consult their electorates regularly to ensure that they contribute meaningfully to national debates.

In this way, he said we can also be sure of building a democratic, transparent and accountable nation. He said Botswanas challenge was to timely deliver services to the people in an equitable and transparent fashion.

He urged the local authorities to deliver good governance, saying local authorities were at the centre of service delivery.

Mr Mogae added that there was greater awareness of the need for [continue reading]

source: BOPA
12 September, 2007

GABORONE – Successful farming is dependant on the hard work of the farming community says Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Mr Mathias Chakalisa.

He was speaking at a MoA and Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) Agriculture Sector breakfast seminar. Mr Chakalisa said the main purpose of the seminar was to appraise the agricultural sector on the role of BOTA in facilitating vocational training.

He said the seminar would also promote the participation of the ministry in the development of standards-based training in the agricultural sector.

Above all, he said the seminar aimed at developing a working partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture and BOTA, which would lead to the establishment of a Standard Setting Task Force in the agricultural sector.

He expressed hope that at the end of discussions all the stakeholders would have an appreciation of the role of BOTA and how it would facilitate [continue reading]

Save for tough times

source: BOPA
12 September, 2007

KANYE – Batswana have been advised to open saving accounts with commercial banks to cater for emergencies. An official of Standard Chartered Bank in Lobatse, Ms Regina Selelo also emphasised the importance of being knowledgeable about financial management and banking in general.

She was speaking at a fund raising luncheon organised by the Kanye Sub Land Board (KSLB) in Kanye Saturday. She informed the gathering about an investment account offred by her bank called Peo, saying it can be opened by everyone, including children for as little as P100 and at no extra charges whatsoever.

Another positive aspect about the facility, Ms Selelo said, was that it cannot be accessed through Auto Teller Machine (ATM) service, as such people will save more as they will not frequent ATMs for cash.

Only one withdrawal in every three months is what the savings facility can allow, the bank official pointed out, saying, although Standard Bank had no branch in Kanye, there was one in Lobatse.

She also said her bank was now in the habit of taking services to the people through customer visits for advice and banking services.

We can no longer afford to sit and wait at the banks for customers to come. Ms Selelo said, although it was clear that [continue reading]

source: Mmegi


Time flies. It was not a long time ago that Metropolitan entered the Botswana market but before we know it, the company has already celebrated 10 years in the country.

In business terms, 10 years is not a short time. In the decade that Metropolitan has existed in Botswana, it is possible that the business could have folded as many others have. For the company to be here after 10 years says a lot about its resilience and commitment to Botswana. When it started, it is reported that it had only invested P44 million but it is now worth about a billion. As President Festu Mogae has commented, this is a phenomenal growth.

Metropolitan Botswana has without doubt added a lot of value to the local economy. Many Batswana have benefited a lot from a wide range of insurance policies that the company has introduced into the market. While the company is not the first to enter the market, it has definitely helped to bring competition and choice.

With more than one player in the industry, our hope is that the locals have been made to appreciate the value of insurance of life and general property. Even more important, our hope is that the many players would have [continue reading]

source: News24
11/09/2007 23:04 – (SA)
Elise Tempelhoff, Beeld

Vanderbijlpark – An elephant cow in the Pilanesberg nature reserve first chased a game warden for 100 metres, then tore his pants open with her tusk.

Later she “played a bit of soccer with him”.

When he landed on his back next to her she stared into his eyes for a few seconds, then shook her head and ambled off back to the matriarch, young cows and calves.

Eugene le Roux, 29, chief game warden at Bakubung Bush Lodge said while he was lying staring into the elephant’s eyes, he hoped his death would be quick.

Sure he would die

“I just lay there. An unbelievable calm came over me while I stared into her eyes. I felt sure she was going to kill me. I wondered: Will it be quick? Will it be slow? Will it be painful?”

“Then she shook her head, turned around and walked off into the bush to join the rest of the breeding herd.

“I couldn’t believe it. I got up, went to [continue reading]

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The Voice (Francistown)

11 September 2007
Posted to the web 11 September 2007

Chedza Simon

The newly launched International Insurance Act will enable Botswana International Financial Services Center (IFSC) to engage in cross boarder insurance activities.

Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Baledzi Gaolathe said the new Act would enable and facilitate cross border insurance activities such as reinsurance, insurance brokerage and captive insurance operations.

Officially launching the legislation at the Gaborone International Convention Center (GICC), Gaolathe said: “The objective of the legislation is to provide the regulatory framework necessary to establish Botswana as a competitive location from which international insurance services can be rendered to non-resident companies and individuals in major convertible currencies.”

The International Insurance legislation, he said, enables the regulatory authorities in Botswana to adequately address prudential and supervisory concerns of cross border activities in order to protect the integrity of the registered insurance businesses and that of the host country.

“This framework legislation will at the same time provide [continue reading]

source: News24
11/09/2007 20:30 – (SA)

Johannesburg – South Africa will not cut social programmes to fund construction of stadiums and other facilities for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the chief executive of its World Cup organising committee said on Tuesday.

Danny Jordaan told journalists the government would absorb the R17.4bn needed to build and refurbish 10 stadiums as well as other World Cup costs without raiding education and health budgets or other key sectors.

“This event does not come at the expense of social programmes,” Jordaan said after he and other officials provided an update on South Africa’s preparations to host what will be the first FIFA World Cup played in Africa.

“What this event has done is create jobs,” he said, adding that the government expected significant economic and social gains [continue reading]

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SELEBI-PHIKWE: The government is in the process of acquiring a large state in the BCL mine, authoritative sources have said. The source says the percentages and other finer details of the deal are still to be finalised.

“There a number of issues to be concluded before the deal is finalised. It is not clear what will transpire in terms of percentages, but changes are certain,” said the government source.

The majority shareholders in BCL mine are the Botswana government and Russian company Norilsk Nickel. The holding investment company for the mine is the Botswana Roan Selection Trust (BRST) with a stake of 85 percent. BRST operates an ore treatment and flash smelting facility through its subsidiary, BCL Ltd.

Under the new structure, the BRST would be liquidated with a larger portion of the shares going to government. The source said Norilsk and the public would retain their stake.
The source added that the shareholding changes are likely to go through, after thorough deliberations subject to approval by the BCL board.

An official at the mine who declined to be named said the issue is [continue reading]

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BuaNews (Tshwane)

11 September 2007
Posted to the web 11 September 2007

Thabisile Khoza

Police arrested over 1200 people in Limpopo over the weekend for helping to smuggle illegal Zimbabwean immigrants into the country and Zimbabwean cigarettes.

A total of 92 police stations in the province worked together as part of Operation Vulindela (meaning make way), which kicked off on Friday and ended Tuesday.

Cigarettes worth over R200 000 were seized and 1 212 people were arrested by Monday morning on charges related to smuggling illegal foreigners into the country, murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault, possession of unlicensed firearms, dagga and stolen property.

Provincial police spokesperson Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba said on Tuesday: “There was also zero tolerance approach to people who urinated and drank in public, drove recklessly and carried dangerous weapons.”

He said 120 people had already paid admission of guilt fines.

Operation Vulindela will continue through out the week as police set up roadblocks and conduct raids and patrols, said Ramatseba.

He warned people not to [continue reading]