Cabinet divided over sale of Air Botswana

source: Sunday Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
09.09.2007 4:40:53 P

Investigations raised by The Sunday Standard indicate that cabinet is deeply divided over recommendations by the Ministry of Works and Transport to sell Air Botswana to SA Airlink.
Indications are that SA Airlink is fast losing favour with many influential voices inside cabinet.

There are some ministers who are outright against the sale of Air Botswana.

This comes in the wake of a declaration by British Airways/Comair axis that they would be interested in buying a stake in the national carrier after all.
At a Wednesday meeting, cabinet sent back Minister of Works and Transport, Lesego Motsumi, to go and get more technical and background information about SA Airlink.

The Sunday Standard can confirm that even before Motsumi was turned back, some cabinet ministers had indicated that they were against selling Air Botswana to a small and little known operation like Airlink.

Another section of cabinet said, while Air Botswana is not making money, it had to be [continue reading]

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