Exploit full potential of human resource

source: Daily News
By Daphne Motswakae

KASANE – Societies have not yet taken the full advantage of their human resources by involving women as much as men in the democratic process, says the Speaker of the National Assembly of Lesotho.

Speaking at the 11th Commonwealth Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers in Kasane on Wednesday, Ms Ntlhoi Motsamai said it was a well established fact that women make about half the population of the entire world, and that women’s numerical strength in the world population was not reflected in the political life and decision making processes and structures of the nation.

“Indeed for our countries to develop, we need to exploit the full potential of its human resource, both women and men,” she said.

Ms Motsamai told Commonwealth speakers from the African region that women representation in decision making positions was an idea whose time has come if not long overdue.

She said the month of August was appropriate because it was the month of [continue reading]

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