Southern Africa: More U.S. Soldiers Not Welcome in Africa, Says Lekota

source: allAfrica
Business Day (Johannesburg)

30 August 2007
Posted to the web 30 August 2007

Wyndham Hartley
Cape Town

More armed US soldiers are not welcome in Africa, said Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota yesterday.

Any country that allowed itself to be a base for the US strategic command in Africa (Africom) would have to live with the consequences, Lekota said.

Africom’s recent creation has been interpreted as the US suddenly recognising the strategic importance of Africa to the US.

Last month it was reported that Lekota was not responding to US requests for him to meet the first Africom commander, Gen Kip Ward.

Briefing the media yesterday, Lekota said the Southern African Development Community (SADC) defence ministers had, at the summit in Lusaka this month, decided that no member states would host Africom and more armed US soldiers.

He said this was also the “continental position” of the African Union.

However, Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has evidently already offered her country as a base for Africom.

Lekota said as far as he knew most African countries supported [continue reading]

  1. Wadi-Williams

    The position taken by the S.A. Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota,The SADC Defence Ministers and The African Union, not to facilitate and indeed, to oppose the deployment of US Stratigic Command -Africom – Is unquestionably the proper, necessary and Correct position for the African Continent in General and the individual states in particular, to take –
    it was a no-Brainer.
    After all, lest we forget:-
    Africa is currently riddled with a bewildering Myriad of foriegn Military Bases, Personnel and ‘Advicers’. As things stand, The US, France and The UK all have Military Bases in and around Africa. The horn of Africa is Militarised. The US has peppered the region with Military Bases, France and Uk both have military bases in Africa and as far as I can tell there has been no report of a reciprocal arrangement , with Africa deploying Miltary Bases Personell and ‘Advisers’ in Europe and/or USA. Further more, Iraq and it’s catastrophic fallout and impact on UK Domestic & Forign Relations ought to be a salutary lesson on the consequences of an over infatuation with US Military Posturing.Africa cannot afford to make the same error.We must rediscover the Will to take command and control of our Continent and our ‘Destiny’, and to this end The AU, The SADC and Lekata are indibutably correct. We do not have the Luxury of ‘Sleeping Walking’into the Future or Sleeping Walking into the ‘new’Shackles for the ‘New’ Victims of this ‘New’ Scramble for Africa!!!!
    It is incumbent upon the AU and All the member states to ensure that our continent and ‘People’ Never Again succumb to the toxic mix of ‘Slavery, Colonization and Balkanization’. In a word, not only must we repair and heal the scars of ‘History’s Folly’ but in doing so we must ‘Create & Define a new ‘Paradigm’And that is our Mission, to fashion a truly ‘Liberated Unified and Transformed’ Continent and Peoples!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nate

    Africa must be free ! The so~called blacks in america are the lost house of israel an its getting time for them to go home! Babylon is about to fall!

  3. Mailula Cw

    My comments in this regard will be that, Africa should not in any way allow any form of strategic policies from their former colonizers to erode their independence and security in this redgard. Thus taking the stance of the Minister of Defence in this matter, Africa`s security is more important and that should be respected by the US in pursuing its strategic goals.

    Moreover, this poses a threat to Africa itself and undoubtedly contributes to the continued civil wars in Africa, while African resources are exploited by the very same contries who pretend to assist Africa. CW

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