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Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)

25 August 2007
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Augustine Mukaro

GOVERNMENT has started reversing the unrealistic prices decreed by the government last month in what amounts to a major climb-down after the programme backfired.

Sources privy to the policy shift said the Price Monitoring and Stabilisation Taskforce has been mandated to rethink the operation as the Zanu PF leadership gives in to pressure to stop the destructive exercise. From its launch, top government officials have failed to agree on the blitz, with Vice President Joice Mujuru and central bank governor Gideon Gono understood to oppose it.

Mujuru is next week expected to address business captains at the Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe congress which starts in Victoria Falls on Wednesday. She has been mandated to clean up the mess caused by the price blitz and would reconstitute the taskforce. This comes after President Robert Mugabe has been convinced his campaign has been a huge disaster.

“The Emcoz slogan ‘for industrial peace and productivity’ will be under [continue reading]


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Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)

25 August 2007
Posted to the web 25 August 2007

Dumisani Muleya

SOUTHERN African Development Community (Sadc) leaders ended their summit in Zambia last week deeply divided over the Zimbabwe issue, exposing diplomatic weaknesses in the regional bloc which is struggling to tackle the simmering trouble-spot in its backyard.

There was great expectation — perhaps misplaced — that Sadc would be able to effectively deal with the Zimbabwe crisis which is doing serious collateral damage to the region.

The Zimbabwe situation is undermining the regional economy and has also triggered a wave of largely economic refugees into neighbouring states. It is discouraging investment into the region and donor aid, particularly to Sadc itself which depends on it for its operations.

These destabilising dynamics, among other reasons, were seen as a raison d’être for Sadc leaders to come up with a plan and take strong measures against President Mugabe’s regime to end the crisis.

However, Sadc leaders failed to tackle the issue due to inherent weaknesses within Sadc and intense divisions among leaders stemming from regional rivalries and self-interest.

The geo-political dynamics — coupled with negative [continue reading]

source: News24
25/08/2007 17:13  – (SA)

Johannesburg – Gauteng police raided a counterfeit DVD syndicate and found approximately R10m worth of DVDs and equipment in a flat in Winchester Hills, south of Johannesburg on Saturday.

Three South African women and a man from Pakistan were arrested in the flat after an anonymous tip-off was sent to a media company’s crime line.

Room after room in the flat was filled, not with furniture, but hi-tech computers and DVD-burning equipment.

The operation had facilities to burn 220 DVDs at the same time, as well as facilities for making covers. It apparently had been operating in the flat for three months.

An estimated 40 000 blank DVDs and about 65 000 counterfeit DVDs containing pornography, music and current movies were found.

Popular movie choices included The Bourne Ultimatum and The Simpsons Movie while music titles included Amazing Gospel Greats and Rebecca Malope.

Senior Superintendent Vish Naidoo said if any [continue reading]