Ngwaketse Land Board Shows the Way – online

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

7 August 2007
Posted to the web 7 August 2007


Land boards are generally perceived as some of the worst service providers in the country. Not only is their policy implementation inconsistent but there are also allegations of rampant corruption there.

This situation has not only disadvantaged many Batswana but it has also harmed many development projects.

A few number of land boards, though, have been working very hard to improve the boards’ sordid public image. That is welcome.

It was therefore with a sigh of relief that we learnt about the Ngwaketse Land Board (NLB) pioneering the launch of a website, becoming the first ‘e-compliant’ body of its type in the country.

We could not agree more with Marianne Nganunu, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Communication Science and Technology when she noted that “as Ngwaketse Land Board, you have just opened a door to a whole new world of opportunities”.

As we understand it, the NLB website will make information available and serve as a communication channel for users of land board services. We have no doubt this will go a long way in expediting the whole development process in the Southern District.

We hope the website will have all the relevant information that [continue reading]


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