Btv increases educational programmes

source: BOPA
11 July, 2007

MOCHUDI – Botswana Television (Btv) is in the process of increasing local educational programmes.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Mochudi, Communications, Science and Technology minister, Mrs Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi said in their quest to increase locally produced educational programmes, Btv is already airing programmes on agriculture and crime prevention.

Also, she said, the Department of Broadcasting Services is to establish an advisory committee through which her ministry will be able to monitor radio talk shows and phone in programmes.

Mrs Venson-Moitoi is on a national tour to enlighten Batswana about the responsibilities and functions of her ministry.

Bakgatla commended the ministry for striving to ensure that Kgatleng is covered by communication network, as well as radio and television receptions.

Commenting on the ministers address one of the residents said communications is always interrupted in the district because of cable thieves.

On media coverage, councillor for Mosanta north, Mr Phiri Legase, said Kgatleng always overlooked due to its proximity to Gaborone and as such, it does not receive television coverage like other districts.

Cllr Legase said that he is confident that the Botswana Press Council will ensure that the media reports the truth.

Ramonaka headman, Mr Nkunyane Letshwiti, said there is no radio or television signal at the river villages and asked when the remaining villages will be provided with phones through Nteletsa II.

Mr Letshwiti applauded Mrs Venson-Moitoi for consulting the community on any changes by her ministry and said problems can easily be solved if there is consultation.

Cllr for Bogare ward, Mr Gilbert Mangole, said though the minister is encouraging Batswana to invest by buying Botswana Telecommunications Corporation shares, there is still little knowledge about such investment.

Senior Chief Representative at Artisia, Mr George Thwane, said reporters have a tendency of writing damaging articles and then apologise by writing a matter of fact.

Mr Thwane called for [continue reading]


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