SA: Hacker hijacks eNatis website

source: news24
04/07/2007 23:56 – (SA)

Johannesburg – “It’s nothing to write home about,” said Transport Department spokesperson Collen Msibi when told that part of the eNatis website had been hacked.

He said it wouldn’t affect the functioning of the controversial electronic national transport information system licensing system.

Now, the whole site has been taken over.

Click on the website and all it gives is a blank page with




Initially it was just the “how do I” link that had been hacked.

The message “”Sorry bro..anda terlambat. Patch By Tao. OK?!!.” appeared on a blank screen.

In May, the crashing of the eNatis system caused [continue reading]

  1. The eNatis Web page reads now:
    eNaTIS “Hackers” on wrong track
    Some media hype has suggested that the eNaTIS system was hacked recently. This was apparently due to someone leaving a comment on a page of a section of the eNaTIS public web site (this site). The suggestion that eNaTIS was hacked is actually laughable. The eNaTIS public web site is in no way connected at all to the eNaTIS system. This choice was a deliberate design choice.
    The truth is that the eNaTIS web site is running on a public hosting area on a public hosting service. The hosting service is not inside the eNaTIS data centre at all. There is also no connection of any kind between this web site and the eNaTIS system. The Department of Transport deliberately decided to host the web site on a completely different server than the eNaTIS system servers to ensure that any hacking attempts would be fruitless. [continue reading]

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