Experts expect world population to grow

source: BOPA
29 June, 2007

GABORONE – More than half the population of the world will be living in urban areas in 2008 and the trend is expected to grow.

Speaking at the launch of the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA) World Population Report- 2007 on Wednesday, Central Statistics office director, Mrs Annah Majelantle said world population is expected to grow, reaching almost five billion in 2030.

Mrs Majelantle was representing the Permanent Secretary in the Finance and Development Planning ministry, Mr Serwalo Tumelo.

She said whereas we have seen some negative aspects of urbanisation such as poverty and some environmental problems, urbanisation has also brought some positive aspects of development.

This outcome calls for careful planning to minimise the negative impacts and exploit its advantages, Mrs Majelantle said.

The intention of the report, she said, is to grasp the implications of the imminent doubling of the developing worlds urban population and discuss what needs to be done to prepare for the massive increase.

She said preparing for urban population is a mammoth task that will require partnership between all the stakeholders, government, development partners and civil society.

The report points out that as the urban population grows, the larger part will be made up of the poor people in the society while the increase will be more out of natural increase and not migration.

The report also finds that climate change will affect poor countries, cities and individuals more severely. Poor people living on seacoasts or at the mouths of great rivers are especially vulnerable to rises in sea levels.

Understanding this will assist policy makers to understand and respect the human rights of the poor by [continue reading]

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