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Botswana 1000 day one summary
Racing series       SAORC
Date     2007-06-17


Gaborone — A huge Production Vehicle category battle raged between Toyota and Nissan throughout day one of the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race today.

The race is round four of the Absa Off Road Championship and is set for a tremendous final day tomorrow. Just one minute and 43 seconds separates the first four crews in the Production Vehicle category and day two of the desert classic is going to be a war of attrition.

Surprise prologue winners Hugo and Jaap de Bruyn, in the Micaren Exel Dealer Team Toyota Hilux, spent the entire day fending off challenges from last year’s winners, Hannes Grobler and Francois Jordaan, in the factory Nissan Navara. For their part Grobler/Jordaan were under pressure from third placed Mark Cronje and Chris Birkin, in the works Castrol Toyota Hilux, and Duncan Vos/Richard Leeke in a second factory Nissan Navara.

At the end of a grueling day the de Bruyn’s, after losing second gear, were only 28 seconds ahead of Grobler and Jordaan. The Nissan pair were 35 seconds clear of Cronje/Birkin and Vos/Leeke were a further 31 seconds in arrears with fifth placed Mark Corbett/Rudy Balzer (Century Property Development Nissan Navara) also a threat.

The likes of Brandon Harcus/Juan Mohr, the first of the factory Ford Racing Ranger contingent, Chris Visser/Japie Badenhorst (Castrol Toyota Hilux) and Bevan Bertholdt/Robin Houghton (Castrol Toyota Hilux) will also feel they are not [continue reading]

UN News Service (New York)
source: allAfrica
16 June 2007
Posted to the web 16 June 2007

New York

The United Nations Security Council and its African Union (AU) counterpart today agreed to bolster their collaboration in addressing conflict and building peace.

“We commit ourselves to the development of a stronger and more structured relationship between the UN Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council,” they said in a joint communiqué issued following a meeting in Addis Ababa, specifying that areas to be addressed include conflict prevention, management and resolution, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and the exchange of information on hotspots.

The two bodies emphasized the importance of developing the African Standby Force. On financing, the joint communiqué looked forward to a report of the UN Secretary-General on “supporting and improving in a sustained way the resource base and capacity of the AU.”

The AU Peace and Security Council and the UN Security Council agreed to hold joint meetings at least once a year, either in Addis Ababa or New York.

“To further our [continue reading]

source: IOL

June 16 2007 at 03:13PM

By Carvin Goldstone and Babington Maravanyika

A SMS-related pyramid scheme has fleeced hundreds of Durban and Johannesburg churchgoers of millions of rands, disrupted their lives and put the mastermind of the scheme on the run for his life.

According to a private investigator hired by one of the Durban pastors implicated in the scheme, more than 400 people have lost a combined R38-million in Durban alone.

The investigator said an estimated R100-million was believed to have been invested throughout the country in the scheme, masterminded by a man whose name is known to The Independent on Saturday and who is now on the run from investors and the police.

He has tried to justify his actions on a Johannesburg radio station where he admitted he had gone into hiding because he feared for his life. The man had been running the scheme through a Johannesburg-based company, Six 23 Networks.

In Durban the scheme was being run through Favour Unleashed, one of his subsidiary companies operated by a Durban pastor and his wife.

In Durban and Johannesburg, the scheme has been dressed up as “upliftment for Christians” and church leaders have opened their doors to presentations on the investment by Six 23 Networks, calling on the faithful to [continue reading]

source: the Midweek Sun

by Baboki Kayawe

6/10/2007 6:39:07 AM (GMT +2)


Winner of the continental Redd’s Fashion Award, Mpho Kuaho has secured a job as a wardrobe manager in the much hyped MmaRamotswe movie that will be shot soon.
Kuaho is elated at this opportunity which she says will will open doors for even greater opportunities in her field.

“I have always loved working in movies. There is more to learn in the wardrobe department,” she said. Also in the talented designer’s diary is a trip to South Africa for an internship with one of the established fashion houses there.

“I have sent a list of top fashion designers to work with, but as for now I don’t know which one I will be attached to. What I know is that the internship will be in Cape Town,” she said.

Kuaho said she is anticipating to learn a lot during her stay in Cape Town, more especially in the area of accessories. The Midweek Sun