Toyota 1000 Desert Race a boost for Botswana tourism

source: SuperWheels

Posted on Thursday, June 07, 2007 – 15:20

The Toyota 1000 Desert Race, organised by the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa, and to be run this year from June 15 to 17, provides an annual boost for tourism in Botswana, and also provides the economy with a major foreign exchange injection.“In terms of boosting the economy and tourism, the Toyota 1000 Desert Race is one of the most important events of the year in Botswana,” said Skean Drummond, chairman of the Four Wheel Drive Club organising committee in charge of this year’s event. The FWDCSA, first formed in 1972, has been involved with the event since its inception.

“The race has over the years provided a major boost to the Botswana economy, and has also had a major affect on tourism,” said Drummond. “A great many of the visitors for the race have also discovered Botswana as a leisure destination. This has provided the tourism industry with a boost, but the event also provides opportunities along the route for small scale entrepreneurs to provide a wide range of services to competitors and spectators.”

Drummond added that over the years the Four Wheel Drive Club, along with [continue reading]

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