Mugabe unconcerned by degree loss

source: BBC

Robert Mugabe

The president has been accused of human rights abuses

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe will not lose sleep over being stripped of an honorary degree, a leading government official has said.

Edinburgh University announced on Wednesday it would withdraw the degree it awarded to Mr Mugabe in 1984.

The university cited human
rights violations by the Zimbabwe government for its decision.

But Zimbabwe’s deputy information minister, Bright Matonga, said the move was meant to embarrass Mr Mugabe.

The president was awarded the degree for his services to education in Africa, but has since been criticised by Western countries for a crackdown on political opponents and creating economic problems in the African country.

The decision to strip him of his honorary degree was welcomed by university staff, students, politicians and human rights campaigners.

Mr Matonga said the [continue reading]

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