Govt to amend Interpretation Act

source: BOPA
30 May, 2007

MAUN – Government is mulling amending the Interpretation Act, said lands and housing minister, Mr Dikgakgamatso Seretse.

The Act provides for the interpretation of the constitution and other amendments. Addressing North West District Councillors, he said the review would spell out a comprehensive definition of age of maturity, especially in regard to land allocation.

Currently, he said, land boards relied in the age of maturity which is 21 years as interpreted in this Act.

Mr Seretse said those below this age do not have a right to be allocated land unless there is prove of capacity that they could own land.

He said land allocation is contractual in the sense that one is bound to have developed the land within five years of allocation if it is residential, and if the land is for commercial purposes, it has to be developed in two years otherwise the deal is revoked.

The minister said he issued a directive that young people, below 21, applying for land under the CEDA Young Framers Fund should be allocated land as this is a special government programme.

Mr Seretse also briefed councillors on the criteria used to appoint and nominate land board members.

He said initially the lands minister nominated the members but this was reviewed since Batswana wanted to have a say in the allocation of land.

In the current format, he said applications are received and screened by a selection committee, comprising the district commissioner, council secretary, kgosi, land board secretary and one community representative.

He said the screening is intended to check if applicants meet the minimum requirements set such as whether they are between the ages of 26-65, have no criminal record and have a minimum qualification of junior certificate.

The committee also looks at whether the applicants are [continue reading]

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