Drought relief projects to create 35 000 jobs

source: BOPA
30 May, 2007

SEROWE – The Central District Council (CDC) has approved a 10-month Drought Relief Programme, which is expected to cost more than P84 million.

The programme carries 331 projects that will be implemented in the district during the drought period that runs from next month to April next year. It is expected to create employment for almost 35 000 people.

Presenting the drought relief report during a special full council meeting yesterday, CDCs economist, Mr Valentine Neo, explained that several projects would be carried out under the labour intensive public works programme.

Under this dispensation, projects to be considered include the construction of teachers quarters and classrooms, tribal administration shelters, rural staff housing, rural roads construction, de-silting of storm water drainage and many others.

The money will be shared among the six sub-districts with the Serowe/Palapye and Mahalapye getting a lions share of P22 million each for their 88 and 77 projects respectively.

The Tutume Sub-District has been allocated P12 million to cater for 67 projects, Boteti Sub-District got P8.5 million while the Tonota and Bobirwa sub-districts were each given P8 million for the undertakings in their areas.

Earlier, the Chairperson of the Central District Council, Mr Lesego Raditanka, implored all the stakeholders to give the projects full attention.

All the people should own this initiative so as to make it a success and as such all the councillors, village development committees and the council staff as well as the community should put their differences aside and cooperate, he said.

Mr Raditanka said the labour intensive drought relief projects should be able to assist with [continue reading]

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