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source: The Midweek Sun
by Sun reporter

5/13/2007 10:30:07 AM (GMT +2)

World class tourism destination – Chobe District – has joined the world-wide information superhighway by setting up a constituency web site, and connecting 12 of its villages to the internet.

All this, thanks to the prudent management of the Chobe Enclave Community Trust (CECT). An elated area MP, Duncan Mlazie, said the development marks the graduation of Basubiya from marginalisation.

“Now our children will grow up connected to the internet at a marginal cost as funds generated by the community trust are channelled into funding these important projects,” said Mlazie.

He explained that the community trust leases its hunting concessions to professionals and use proceeds of the leases to pay the expenses.

“We connected each village to a telephone line, save for only three which are still in the connection schedule. This comes at a cost of P485 per phone line and some schools in the district have already been blessed with donation of computers from different ministries and parastatals,” he enthused.

The Midweek Sun

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New Vision (Kampala)

18 May 2007
Posted to the web 19 May 2007


THE European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) are wrangling over whether or not Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe should attend the EU-Africa summit scheduled for December in Lisbon, Portugal. The summit is important because it seeks to discuss development and migration-issues that are dear to Africans.

The AU insists that outsiders have no right to judge African leaders-to say who the good guys and the bad guys are on the continent. But the AU is not in a position to do this either, because it lacks acceptable standards for leaders. It insists on non-interference in the internal affairs of other states-an outdated principle that led to the collapse of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU).

For example, the OAU held its summit in Uganda in 1976 at the height of Idi Amin’s reign of terror and the continental body proved itself irrelevant. It was therefore shocking when the recent SADC summit in Tanzania expressed “solidarity with” Mugabe at a time when everybody expected advice for him not to contest in the next election. This is what makes the EU different from African bodies.

The EU banned Mugabe and his entourage from travelling to Europe for human rights violations. The AU knows that Mugabe does not respect human rights, unleashes terror against the opposition, his people are starving, the economy has collapsed and he has no ideas to reverse all these. So in whose interest should he be propped up, ordinary Zimbabweans or himself and fellow presidents?

The AU should have benchmarks to isolate the [continue reading]

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The Herald (Harare)

19 May 2007
Posted to the web 19 May 2007

Tandayi Motsi
Midrand, South Africa

THE Pan African Parliament yesterday deferred to November the adoption of a resolution on a motion calling upon the House to send a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe to probe alleged human rights abuses this year as more time was needed to consider the issue.

The continental assembly’s bureau said it needed time to study the Zimbabwean motion together with other recommendations put forward during the two-week ordinary session that ended yesterday.

PAP president Dr Getrude Mongella of Tanzania told the House that only urgent resolutions had to be adopted.

She said many issues were debated during the session but some of them had been overtaken by events after having been either discussed by the African Union executive council or at other continental or regional fora.

Dr Mongella said the continental parliament’s bureau must be given time to cross-check on some of the issues that had been raised during debate before the resolutions were brought for adoption in the House.

“We have decided as a bureau to allow only one recommendation which is urgently needed — that is the issue on the establishment of the Union Government of Africa.

“The bureau needs time to cross-check on some of the recommendations and add value. So between now and November, we give room for cross-checking.”

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