SA: Transport industry outraged by eNaTIS levy

source: IOL
May 11 2007 at 01:49PM

By Candice Bailey

Powerful stakeholders in the transport industry are squaring up with the government over the additional new levy to be raised from vehicle licence renewals to “maintain” the new eNaTIS system.

The government recently announced that vehicle owners would have to fork out an additional R30 for every vehicle licence renewal transaction to cover the costs of maintaining the system.

But transport industry sources have pointed out that if the levy was effective, it would pay for the eNaTis system within two years and then become yet another revenue source.

The industry hit out at the fee, labelling it “unjust” and saying it was unacceptable that motorists had to pay to cover the costs of a problematic system.

Organisations have called on the government to [continue reading]

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