Exodus of reporters from BTv?

source: The Botswana Gazette

Botswana Television will have shortage of staff and end up relying on unskilled personnel due to the resignation of reporters The Gazette has learnt . Inside sources say more than five reporters will be handing over their resignation letters at the end of April and others will begin serving their notices. And some may leave immediately.

The Gazette understands the majority of the employees at BTv are unhappy with the way the station is being run. Their main complaint is said to be against one of their managers, who they claim has dictatorial tendencies and does not give them a chance to contribute towards the running of BTv. The other concern is that the reporters are not allowed to be news presenters and the manager in question prefers to use freelance newsreaders even though they are more expensive than in staff news people.

The Gazette is informed that the English news anchor, Reginald Richardson, and field reporter Linert Habana may be joining ETv in South Africa. John Motsatsing, who was transferred to Serowe, has left. Motsatsing was one of the vocal reporters who questioned the criteria used by senior government officials to choose reporters to accompany President Mogae on international trips.

Beauty Mokoba, who made news headlines when she was arrested and detained in Zimbabwe last year for allegedly filming a story without permission, will be joining the Water Utilities Corporation as Public Relations Officer. It is not yet clear where Janet Mudongo and the Jwaneng based reporter, Archibald Ngakaagae, are going but they are also rumoured to be part of the exodus.

Contacted for comment, BTv?s General Manager Banyana Segwe said she was not aware of any resignations from BTv. ?May be they are still planning to leave. All the resignations pass by my office before they go to the Director,? she said. Segwe said she is only aware of people who want to change roles within the department. She said another problem is that of lack of resources which they as management are also concerned about.

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