Poor administration threatens investment

27 April, 2007

GABORONE – Delays in the disposal of cases has potential to undermine public confidence in Botswanas judicial system.

Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Mr Phandu Skelemani, warned at the start of high-level consultative meeting for the justice system that the situation could have far reaching consequences.

Mr Skelemani cited postponements of cases, shortage of human resources, increase in cases and legal and administrative constraints as some of the causes of delays in disposing off cases.

He said delays and backlog of cases have a negative impact on the flow of foreign direct investment into Botswana.

He also said the increase in the number of cases puts pressure on the courts, police and prison services, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney Generals Chambers.

He added that pressure on the judicial systems continued despite initiatives by government to provide the requisite infrastructure, human and financial resources. He called on the judiciary, legislature and executive to account for their decisions and actions.

It is expected that the same arms of government should be in a [continue reading]

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