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27 April, 2007

GABORONE – Delays in the disposal of cases has potential to undermine public confidence in Botswanas judicial system.

Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Mr Phandu Skelemani, warned at the start of high-level consultative meeting for the justice system that the situation could have far reaching consequences.

Mr Skelemani cited postponements of cases, shortage of human resources, increase in cases and legal and administrative constraints as some of the causes of delays in disposing off cases.

He said delays and backlog of cases have a negative impact on the flow of foreign direct investment into Botswana.

He also said the increase in the number of cases puts pressure on the courts, police and prison services, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney Generals Chambers.

He added that pressure on the judicial systems continued despite initiatives by government to provide the requisite infrastructure, human and financial resources. He called on the judiciary, legislature and executive to account for their decisions and actions.

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source: BOPA
27 April, 2007

SEROWE – An environmental impact assessment will be undertaken to ensure that the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) to be built in Palapye will not disrupt its environs.

The Director of HERBCO Civil Engineering Consultants, Mr Kabelo Motswagole, told a consultative meeting in Serowe Wednesday that his company, government and the Water Utilities Corporation were working hand in hand to determine if the water pipeline from the Letsibogo Dam that passes through the BIUST plot will not be disturbed.

Responding to a question from one resident, Mr Steady Sethaba, Mr Motswagole, said should the study reveal that such construction will disrupt the pipeline, the authorities will have to consider the allocation of another plot.

Mr Motswagole also allayed fears that the establishment of the second university in the village, where there is the Morupule Colliery will have negative impact, as the smoke from the industry will affect university students and staff.

He explained that his team was working with the Morupule Colliery authorities to find out if the coal bed ran through the area where BIUST would be set up.

He also said the mining sector would do some exploration to establish whether the area has no mineral deposits. Should such deposits be found, he said, they will be valued to determine if to continue with the university or not.

Another resident, Mr Tshepiso Seesile, raised concern about some contractors who win tenders for projects of this magnitude, saying they tend to dispose waste indiscriminately.

He called for vigilance to guard against such tendencies and bring perpetrators to book.

Mr Kgomotso Boiditswe suggested the introduction of evening classes on [continue reading]