SA unable to provide proper 2010 security

source: IOL

Aziz Hartley
April 25 2007 at 07:59AM

There are genuine concerns that South Africa may not be able to provide proper security for the 2010 World Cup, according to a new Institute of Security Studies (ISS) report.

ISS senior researcher and report author, Johan Burger, says high crime levels, a perceived struggle by police to contain crime and their clumsiness in restructuring the service, are leading to a serious distrust in their ability to safeguard the event.

Burger reports in the latest issue of SA Crime Quarterly, that while certain crimes had decreased, they were from a very high base.

“Murder, for example, decreased from 66.9 per 100 000 (people) in 1994/95 to 39.5 in 2005/06, but is still almost eight times the world average of 5.5.

“If the current reduction rate in murder is maintained, it will take approximately another 15 years to reach the international norm.

“The SA figure becomes even more disturbing if one looks at the real number [continue reading]

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