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Mmegi/The Reporter

April 11, 2007
Posted to the web April 12, 2007


The days of pushing paper in Parliament are over now. At a time when it was thought that Air Botswana was on the brink of privatisation, the negotiation talks have been suspended. It is not clear for how long the talks will remain suspended.

It should, however, be a concern that the talks had to be suspended the way they have been. The suspension came through a parliamentary motion almost at the tail end of the process. Privatisation of state asset is a new economic policy of choice adopted by government. Air Botswana would have been the first asset to have been privatised in the privatisation timetable but the process has hit a snag before it could even start. For members of parliament to have taken such a drastic step it, is indicative that the whole process was not done properly. It appears the privatisation deal was rushed and seemed to have left out a lot of important stake-holders. The comments of parliamentarians have been pointed and telling. We cannot afford to make such elementary mistakes particularly on the first major privatisation deal. We do not want to open the same old debate on the merits and demerits on privatisation but it should be clear to government that privatisation of a national airline should result in a win -win situation for both Batswana and the company that buys [continue reading]

Xolani Mbanjwa
April 12 2007 at 04:47AM

The long laborious queues at testing and licensing centres will (hopefully) be a thing of the past from Friday as motorists will be able to pay traffic fines, register vehicles or book licensing tests in the comfort of their homes or offices through the Internet.

While motorists who had booked their learner’s and driver’s licence tests this week were left irate as all licensing and testing centres are closed, the department of transport has promised that service delivery at these centres will improve with the installation of the new electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis).

However, motorists who have been evading payments of their traffic fines will now have to settle these as traffic officers will now be able to see a motorist’s traffic record – including every traffic fine – on the spot .

In the past, motorists got away without paying traffic fines incurred from [continue reading]