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source: Midweek Sun

by Lesego Kgomanyane

4/1/2007 6:52:25 AM (GMT +2)

Botswana Breweries Limited (BBL) has increased the prices of its premier product Chibuku Shake Shake by P0.25 to P2.55. The increase, which came into effect April 1, will see consumers pay at least P0.30 more or P3.00 to purchase the traditional beer at Shebeen queens.

BBL Marketing Manager, Mmabatho Dibe, said the increase was long overdue and that it was prompted by the erosion of the currency. “We could not absorb the costs any longer and were forced to increase the prices. The increase was also necessitated by the general inflation outlook, cost of raw materials and Pula devaluation. In any case, the last price increase was two years ago,” she said. Consumers are anxious at the recent increase.

“It is becoming unaffordable especially for most of us who are unemployed,” Mmama Molefhe charged. “They should have at least increased by P0.10 rather than P0.30. We cannot afford the difference,” Medulla Mosweu said. “The prices are going to make us even [continue reading]

source: IOL

April 07 2007 at 01:39PM

In a move slammed as an attempt to muzzle critics in a country lauded as a paragon of democracy, Botswana has marked out a group of 17 foreign journalists, human rights activists and academics as now needing a visa to enter the country.

South Africa’s The Weekender newspaper reported that the 17, who include the BBC’s John Simpson and two journalists from the Financial Times, would now need to apply for a visa in advance of travelling to the southern African country.

Usually visitors to Botswana get a visa stamp in their passport directly on entry to the country.

An official had apparently explained the move to a local newspaper saying authorities wanted to know when the targeted individuals visited Botswana “so that we can give them any assistance they need.”

But Stephen Corry, who was named on the list along with three other colleagues from Survival International, a London-based group fighting for the [continue reading]