Batswana need to develop business culture

source: BOPA
20 March, 2007

GABORONE Botswana has focused on enterprise development but has done little to develop entrepreneurial culture although the latter is a pre-requisite to the former.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), Dr Tebogo Matome, said last week that his organisation would play a pivotal role in the transformation of Botswanas economy through sustainable entrepreneurship and the development of small medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) Speaking at the launch of LEA in Gaborone, Dr Matome said Batswana should see a positive trajectory in the promotion of citizen entrepreneurship, and development of a competitive SMME community.

Dr Matome said Batswana would also see further diversification of Botswanas economy, and the creation of sustainable employment opportunities.

He said LEA would seek to promote links between SMMEs and large enterprises; and the quality of exports by the SMME community.

The organisation would also improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of the services it provides to the SMME community in agriculture, tourism manufacturing and services.

He said: If we begin to concentrate or focus our SMME sector development efforts around some certain sub-sectors, then we will build international comparative advantages around these areas.

This is critical because such will allow us to have a competitive edge in the product or service outputs of such sub-sectors. We shall therefore be able to capture both the domestic and international market for these outputs.

It is important that our SMMEs become internationally competitive because [continue reading]

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