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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)
March 15, 2007
Posted to the web March 16, 2007
Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe

A number of local film productions will be screened at Maru-a-Pula AV Centre this year as part of the 21st anniversary of the Gaborone Arts Festival.

This is a new feature in the Maitisong calendar and it is meant to celebrate local film production, which is still in its infancy. Lined up for the festival are political documentaries that were screened on Btv in 2005.
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They include a documentary on the ailing former BNF leader, Dr Kenneth Koma, former president Sir Ketumile Masire, and retired politician, Motsamai Mpho. The documentaries, according to the director of the film festival, Moabi Mogorosi, are meant to celebrate the achievements of the politicians he describes as “legends.”

Mogorosi told Showbiz that the featured legends would be present at the screening of the documentaries. He said they would be involved in discussions with the audience although he was not sure whether Koma would be able to make it as he is reportedly ill at the moment.

“In case he is unable to pitch up, we have invited his close friend, Klaas Motshidisi, to stand in on his behalf,” said Mogorosi, who also directed documentaries on Sir Ketumile Masire and Koma.

The documentaries will kick off the film festival on March 23, with the Masire documentary, Life Before Polit [continue reading]

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)
March 15, 2007
Posted to the web March 16, 2007

Telcomms regulator, the Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA) has announced that it is ready to receive applications for service neutral licences after a policy sanction last year.

Headed by Thari Pheko, BTA says in a statement that it is ready to receive applications under the new licensing framework.

The new licensing follows the announcement of further liberalisation of the telecommunications market issued by the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, last year.

The BTA statement reveals that in terms of the new structure, the existing three telecommunications operators – Mascom Wireless Botswana (Pty) Ltd, Orange Botswana (Pty) Ltd and Botswana Telecommunication Corporation (BTC) – have the option to apply for new Public Telecommunication Operator (PTO) licences.

PTO will allow them to offer, among others, mobile telephony, fixed telephony and Internet services under one licence.

“However, should these operators choose not to apply for the new PTO licence, they will continue to operate as either mobile or fixed telephone providers until their current licences expire,” the BTA statement says.

On the other hand, existing Internet Service Providers and Data Service Providers may apply for the new Value-Added Network Service (VANS) licence or choose to remain operating under their current licences. The VANS licence will allow the licensees to provide a whole host of innovative services, including e-mail services, Internet browsing as well as the use of the long-awaited Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Meanwhile, the private network [continue reading]