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14 March, 2007

There are no plans to upgrade the sewerage infrastructure in Palapye, the Assistant Minister of Local Government, Mr Ambrose Masalila, said.
Answering a question in Parliament, Mr Masalila said the lifespan for the Palapye sewerage ponds was 10 years effective from 2005.

However, he said there was no doubt that with the establishment of the university and other developments in Palapye, the need for an expanded sewerage system was inevitable.

I have therefore, accordingly advised the Central District Council to start planning for infrastructure expansion, including sewerage system so as to cater for these new developments, he said. He was responding to a question from Palapye MP Boyce Sebetela who wanted the minister to state what plans are being put in place to upgrade the sewerage infrastructure in Palapye in anticipation of the population growth as a result of the new 1200 MW power plant, the second university as well as the expansion of the Morupule Colliery operations. BOPA

source: allAfrica
The Voice (Francistown)
March 13, 2007
Posted to the web March 13, 2007

Botswana telecommunication Corporation (BTC) has launched the 2007 Botswana telephone directory. Unlike the previous years when the telephone director was outsourced to publishing companies the 2007 directory was produced internally.

BTC Chief Executive Officer Vincent Seretse said: “this book has been produced internally for the first time by BTC employees who showed zeal and enthusiasm throughout, in spite of time pressure and circumstances they worked under.” Seretse said the new directory is easy to read because it includes new features such as modern spacing of the telephone numbers to improve readability and much improved page headings. “Every effort has been made to update all information. BTC directory services update records on an ongoing basis to ensure that the most current information is available,” said the CEO.

Seretse further noted that for the first time, the directory will be available via internet and can be accessed through the web site at HYPERLINK which is currently under construction. “BTC decided to compile and publish the 2007 telephone directory and its classified section known as Yellow Pages due to the momentary failure of the relationship we had with previous publishing partner [continue reading]

The Voice (Francistown)
March 13, 2007
Posted to the web March 13, 2007

South African based Multichoice DSTV is about to push up the prices for the services they offer in Botswana. The compact bouquet is going up by P10 to P180 beginning April 1st, and the premium selection with all the channels is jumping by P20 to P355.

I realise this is not a major economic problem for our nation since satellite television is hardly one of life’s essentials, but it is rather irritating for international sports addicts and anyone who doesn’t fancy a dose of The Bold and the Beautiful on BTV at bedtime.
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What it does highlight, however, is just how important it is to have a bit of competition [continue reading]