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March 08 2007 at 08:23AM

By Vusumuzi ka Nzapheza

The number of bank customers falling prey to thieves through “phishing” is on the rise, largely because of people using internet cafes for their online banking, says Neville Melville, outgoing ombudsman for banking services.

Complaints to his office about phishing increased by 20 percent last year.

With phishing, criminals gain access to a bank customer’s confidential information, such as credit card account or ID number, through an email request or by luring the user to a fake website.

‘Must ensure the system they are connected to is secure’
John Simpson, complaints investigations manager in the ombudsman’s office, [continue reading]

source: The Botswana Gazette

Police say a criminal syndicate that specialises in stealing imported second-hand Pajero and Rav 4 station wagons has hit the country. Speaking to The Gazette, Detective Assistant Superintendent Penyoitsile Nnanawakoko of motor vehicle theft unit at Serious Crimes Squad said a criminal syndicate that specialises in Pajero and Rav4 is fully operating in the country. He said the theft is a new trend that has just emerged.

He said so far eight Rav4s and four Pajeros have been stolen and they cannot be traced. Nnanawakoko said they strongly believe that there is a new black market for the vehicles outside Botswana. We have not yet identified the thieves base of operation, he said.

He said they had notified their counterparts in the neighbouring countries about the syndicate. Generally motor vehicle theft in the country is under control, he said.

Assistant Superintendent Nnanawakoko appealed to car owners to install anti theft and similar devices that can help track their cars when stolen. A few years ago expensive vehicles were hijacked and were sold across the border in South Africa and Mozambique. Last year an official station wagon belonging to the Minister of Agriculture was also stolen.