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01/03/2007 07:37
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San Francisco – Google on Thursday made public more information about the extent of click fraud on its ad network to further clarify what it says are misperceptions about the issue.

Loosely-defined, click fraud occurs when an internet ad is clicked upon for nefarious reasons, such as driving up a business competitor’s ad costs.

The practice takes advantage of how internet advertisers pay a small fee to Google and other internet ad providers each time one of their ads is clicked upon.

Some click-fraud-fighting companies believe the practice is rampant, forces advertisers to pay an extra $16bn a year, and that up to half of all ad clicks are fraudulent.

But according to Google, in the worst cases, on average 10% of all ad clicks [continue reading]

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February 28, 2007
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Following in the tracks of First Rand in South Africa, First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB) has become the first conventional bank in Botswana to introduce an Islamic banking unit.

The move, which would see mainstream religions talking between themselves, is expected to cater for those who follow the teachings of Islam.

The banking model is said to be growing worldwide and banks that follow suit are said to be making wise business decisions.

FNBB chief executive officer, Danny Zandamela, said that the move acknowledges the cultural diversity [continue reading]


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Posted: 02/28/07 13:05

Exelco International launched their industry leading Botswana Employee Skills Transfer program (BEST) this week, sending the first of 60 trainees to Thailand, to be trained in diamond cutting ahead of the launchin Exelco’s new cutting facility in Botswana.

Diamond Trading Company sightholder Exelco is due to open H&A Botswana in January 2008, in Gaborone. H&A Botswana will be the sister factory to H&A Thailand, which has lead the diamond cutting industry since its inception in 1999, achieving ultra high levels of Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds.

Exelco is unique in the structure of its BEST program, investing significantly in placing locals in their Thai facility. In rotations of 20 people, staff will spend more than 6 months each at the sister factory, developing their skills.

They will then be accompanied back to Botswana with their mentors from Thailand, to develop a similar facility in Gaborone. It is anticipated that during the next two years, more than 60 locals would participate in BEST.

In a gala dinner at the Mokolodi Nature Reserve [continue reading]